Privacy Policy

A·TEAM VENTURES, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) regards the protection of personal information of the users who use Creatable and all related services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) as very important, and the Company complies with all regulations on the protection of personal information specified in laws and regulations applicable to information and communication service providers, including the law on promotion of information and communications network utilization and information protection, and etc. of Republic of Korea and does its best to protect the rights and interests of the users with the personal information policy defined in accordance with relevant laws.


Article 1 (Items of Personal Information and Method of Collection)

  1. The Company collects the following personal information.
    1. 1. Name, address, e-mail address, cell phone number, password
    2. 2. Account information (when making a payment)
    3. 3. Geographic position of printer (When user provides services connecting his/her printer with 3D printer sharing service)
  2. The Company collects personal information through the methods listed below.
    1. 1. Telephone and online consultation through the homepage (Member subscription, bulletin board of customer centers) and customer centers
    2. 2. Entering via ‘Subscribe’ page and event pages


Article 2 (Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information)

  1. The Company uses collected personal information of users for membership management, services provision, improvement, and the development of new services, etc.
    1. 1. Membership identification, confirmation of enrollment, identification, duplication, and prevention of unauthorized use
    2. 2. Order, payment, shipping, and adjustment
    3. 3. Provision of functions such as registering and recommending friends among users, informing activity details, searching for users, and registering, etc.
    4. 4. Provision of various services such as new service development, personalization service, etc., handling of inquiry and complaint, announcement
    5. 5. Checking event/ceremony participation, marketing and advertisement, etc.
    6. 6. Use of statistics on service usage history, access frequency and service utilization, establishment of service environment in terms of privacy protection, and service improvement
  2. The Company shall not disclose the personal information of users to a third party or use the personal information for purposes other than the purpose of using information specified in this privacy policy.


Article 3 (The Disposal of Sensitive Information)

The Company shall not collect any sensitive personal information (such as race or ethnicity, ideology, creed, birthplace, domicile, political propensity and criminal record, health status and sex life) that may be of concern to the users’ basic human rights violations, but inevitable when the Company must collect the information, the Company must get the users’ prior consent.


Article 4 (Term of Retaining and Use of Personal Information)

  1. The personal information of users is destroyed when the purpose of collecting personal information is achieved as follows. However, when there is a need to maintain the personal information for reason such as the confirmation of rights and obligations related to transactions, etc. for a certain period of time in accordance with the relevant laws, including the law on consumer protection in electronic commerce transactions, commercial law, the Company may maintain the users’ personal information.
    1. 1. In the case of membership information, if users withdraw from membership or lose membership, the Company ask users for consent by specifying the purpose, duration and personal information items to be retained before membership withdrawal or loss of membership.
    2. 2. Records on contracts and withdrawal, etc.: 5 years.
    3. 3. Records on payment and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years.
    4. 4. Records on consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years.
  2. When users request access to the information which the Company retains with the users’ consent such as transaction information, etc., the Company shall take measures to ensure that it can be viewed and confirmed.


Article 5 (User’s Rights Methods to Execute User’s Rights)

User has the right, at any time, to view of modify their personal information, and user can request to withdraw from his/her membership. User can view, modify, or withdraw from membership through the identification process by clicking ‘change personal information’ (or ‘modifying membership information’) to view or modify his/her personal information, and by clicking ‘membership withdrawal’ to quit his/her membership (withdrawal of consent). And the Company shall take measures if users contact the person in charge of privacy by writing, telephone or e-mail after the identity verification process. If user requests correction of an error in personal information, the Company will not use or provide the personal information until the correction is completed. In addition, if wrongful personal information has already been provided to a third party, the result of correction will be notified to the third party so that the correction can be made. The Company treats personal information that has been terminated or deleted at user's request as described in “Term of Retaining and Use of Personal Information by the Company" and prohibits the information from being viewed or accessed for other purposes.


Article 6 (Notification on Operating Cookies and How to Refuse to Accept Cookies)

  1. The Company uses cookies, which automatically save and search the information of users. Cookies are tiny text files sent from the server used to operate the websites to the browsers of the users (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.). When users enter into service website, the Company’s computer read the contents of cookies in users’ browser, and is able to provide services finding additional information of users in users’ computer without additional input such as name, etc. Users can choose whether or not to accept cookies. Users have options to allow all cookies, be notified whenever cookies are sent or refuse all cookies in Tools menu > Internet Option tab from the top of users’ web browser. However, users need to allow cookies in order to use all services of the Company properly, users who refuse to allow cookies may not be able to access some services.
  2. The Company uses cookies for users’ convenience. The information the Company has collected through cookies are used for purposes listed below.
    1. 1. Provision of differentiated information according to individual interests
    2. 2. Use in target marketing by knowing users’ taste and interests through analyzing the frequency and duration of members and non-members
    3. 3. Provision of customized services for the next search by tracking information about the times searched for and the trace of the items they showed an interest in
    4. 4. Criteria of service reorganization by analyzing users’ habit
    5. 5. Registration of posts on the website board
  3. To refuse to accept cookies, users can check each time when cookies are saved in their computer by choosing the option of web browser which they are using, or can refuse to accept all cookies.
    ※ Illustration of cookie setting (for Internet Explorer)
    Tools menu > Internet Options > Privacy Level
    Users who refuse to allow cookies may not be able to access some services.


Article 7 (Handling Personal Information of Non-members)

  1. The Company also provides non-members with services so that they can purchase goods and services of the Company. The Company requests personal information that is necessary only for shipping, payment, and delivery of goods when it comes to non-members’ orders.
  2. If non-members purchase from the Company, the information of the payment non-members entered and the recipient will not be used for any purpose other than for payment and delivery of goods.


Article 8 (Outsourcing of Handling of Personal Information)

In order to improve the service, if necessary, the Company may outsource the process of collection, handling, and management of the user’s personal information with legal requirements such as user’s consent, and provide it to a third party. The Company is outsourcing the tasks related to the handling of personal information as listed below and stipulates necessary details for personal information to be managed safely during outsourcing in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Also, sharing information is limited to the minimum amount needed to fulfill that purpose.
  1. Outsourced Company : [Nice pay] / Outsourced Work : [Payment Process]
  2. Outsourced Company : [Import] / Outsourced Work : [Provision of Payment API]
  3. Outsourced Company: [Post office delivery, Other delivery service companies] / Outsourced Work : [Delivery Service]
  4. Outsourced Company: [Godo Mall] / Outsourced Work : [Selling Goods]


Article 9 (Administrators in Charge of Management of Personal Information)

The Company has designated customer center and an administrator in charge of the management of users’ personal information to protect the personal information and cope with relevant complaint.
  1. [Customer Center] Telephone : 02-766-6322 / E-mail :
  2. [Person in charge of privacy] Name : Song Hanjoo / TeamsㆍPosition : Platform Service DivisionㆍDirector / Telephone : 02-766-6322 / E-mail :
  3. For reports or consultations on infringements of privacy rights, please contact the following organizations:
    1. 1. KISA Privacy Center ( / 118)
    2. 2. Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of the Republic of Korea ( / 1301)
    3. 3. Cyber Terror Response Center ( / 182)


Article 10 (Modification of Personal Information Policy)

Modifications, alterations, and additions to this personal information policy will be announced 7 days before their application through the homepage of the websites, etc. But, major modifications of users’ rights such as collection and use of personal information and provision of personal information to a third party, will be announced at least 30 days before their application.


Addendum <2018.4.1>

  1. This personal information policy takes effect on April 1, 2018.
  2. The previous privacy policy is replaced to this privacy policy


Addendum <2016.5.30>

  1. This personal information policy takes effect on May 30, 2016.